2004, Magidson Films, 78 min, USA, Dir: Mark Magidson

Director Mark Magidson (producer of BARAKA) helmed this ecstatic, trance-inducing concert film of the famed band performing their unusual blend of Celtic folk and New Age Gothic music at Santa Monica’s since demolished Mayfair Theatre. Short bursts of interview footage with Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry give insight into the group’s influences, spiritual affinities and musical direction. "…Magidson’s film is a welcome introduction to the 4AD Records flagship group, who mix Celtic madrigals and an unclassifiable brand of neo-Gothic worldbeat with the haunting voices of co-founders Perry and Gerrard." - Mark Savlov, Austin Chronicle.

2006, Milan Entertainment, 90 min, USA, Dir: Clive Collier

An intimate portrait of the co-lead singer of Dead Can Dance featuring masterful performances by co-lead singer Brendan Perry and interviews with Perry, actor Russell Crowe, director Michael Mann, composer Hans Zimmer and more. Directed and produced by Clive Collier, the bio-doc illustrates the essence of Lisa’s music: her singing as strong spiritual expression and her connection with nature. The film also covers the different components of Lisa’s career: her beginnings with the formation of the Dead Can Dance group with Brendan Perry in the 1980s, her film and solo careers (including her musical contributions to movies like THE INSIDER, ALI, WHALE RIDER and GLADIATOR), the re-formation of Dead Can Dance for a world tour in 2005, and aspects of her family life that support and influence her work.

1998, Sony Repertory, 97 min, UK, Dir: Brian Gibson

A classic "film that got away" - adored by the cognoscenti. Writers/producers Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais reinvigorate the familiar scenario of “aging rockers struggling with past glories and demons to make a comeback” - turning it into a glorious, hilarious paean to rock ’n’ roll camaraderie and ’70s excess tempered with sweet poignancy. Think SPINAL TAP meets MY FAVORITE YEAR through THE FULL MONTY as British hard-rock has-beens Strange Fruit - including Stephen Rea, Bruce Robinson and a magnificent Bill Nighy - etch realistic portraits of a middle-age rocker revival. Billy Connolly plays the Greek chorus as the band’s fatalistic, wise-cracking roadie. Spot-on songs by Foreigner’s Mick Jones and Squeeze’s Chris Difford.

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