1980, Universal, 125 min, USA, Dir: Michael Apted

Sissy Spacek turns in an Oscar-winning performance as Loretta Lynn, who rises from poverty to become one of the most popular country singers of all time. The Band’s Levon Helm makes his film acting debut as father to Lynn and her seven siblings, and Tommy Lee Jones excels as Lynn's troubled manager and husband, who drives his wife to success but has a hard time dealing with the end result.

2010, 90 min, USA, Dir: Bruce McDonald

Rita Chiarelli, Canada's “Queen of the Blues,” takes a pilgrimage to the genre’s birthplace: Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary, aka Angola Prison, once the bloodiest prison in America. Rita's trip turns into a historic jailhouse tour-de-force as she plays and riffs with inmates serving life sentences, and draws striking revelations from them. Guided by Chiarelli's ebullient personality, a remarkable story of hope and a quest for forgiveness comes to the fore in Bruce McDonald’s moving documentary about the power of music to those both free and behind bars.

1968, Abramorama, 85 min, UK, Dir: George Dunning

Once upon a time, or maybe twice, there was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland, a place where happiness and music reigned supreme. But all was threatened when the terrible Blue Meanies declared war and sent in their army, led by a menacing Flying Glove, to destroy all that was good. Enter John, Paul, George and Ringo to save the day! Armed with little more than their humor, songs and their yellow submarine, The Beatles tackle the rough seas in an effort to bring down the evil forces of bluedom. Includes the songs "All You Need Is Love," "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and the title track.

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