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1981, Park Circus/MGM, 89 min, Dir: Boaz Davidson

When a woman goes to the hospital for a routine examination, she becomes the prey of a psychotic maniac looking to avenge a childhood Valentine’s Day humiliation. Former Playboy playmate Barbi Benton stars in this absurdly violent slasher epic filled with unethical medical exams, inventive kills, and a hall of fame fire walk into a dummy drop. Also released as HOSPITAL MASSACRE.

1983, Universal, 87 min, Canada, Dir: David Cronenberg

One of director David Cronenberg’s most disturbing, subversive thrillers. While searching for programs to boost ratings on his small cable station, jaded Max Renn (James Woods) becomes hooked on an underground TV show, “Videodrome,” that may be a genuine snuff video. But tracking down its source proves dangerous as lifelike hallucinations kick in, skewing Max’s very concept of reality, and his new girlfriend, talk-show host Nikki Brand (Blondie's Deborah Harry), goes missing. "Long live the new flesh!"

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