1981, Paramount, 93 min, Canada, Dir: Greg Mihalka

The town of Valentine’s Bluff has not celebrated its namesake holiday ever since a horrible coal mining accident sent survivor Harry Warden on a killing spree. After 20 years, the townspeople decide to ignore superstition and throw a Valentine’s Day dance - but when a phantom coal miner starts slaughtering people, has Harry Warden returned for revenge?

1972, Code Red DVD, 95 min, USA, Dir: Jacques Lacerte

Lindsey (Mary Charlotte Wilcox) finds herself drawn to funerals of complete strangers in order to be turned on. Craving more, she strikes a deal with a mortician so that she can fulfill her unholy passions with the tenderness of cold, dead flesh. With Lyle Waggoner.

1988, AGFA, 84 min, USA, Dir: Frank Henenlotter

BASKET CASE writer-director Frank Henenlotter returns with this cult horror-comedy. Brian (Rick Hearst) becomes addicted to a parasite’s hallucinogenic secretions, and keeps the creature happy with a steady supply of human brains.

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