1985, 94 min, USA, Dir: Roberta Findlay

Jennifer (Caroline Capers Powers) and her husband move into an apartment formerly owned by a psychic, where they find her old automatic writing device, the Oracle. Using it at their housewarming party, Jennifer makes contact with a murder victim, whose spirit asks her to investigate his death - but by doing so, Jennifer becomes a target of the killer.

1982, 88 min, USA, Dir: Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow

During Christmas break, a group of college students stays behind to help clear a dormitory for demolition. But someone is missing their holiday cheer as a killer targets the students with a variety of murderous gifts. Also known as PRANKS, THE DORM THAT DRIPS BLOOD is a mean-spirited slasher that’ll fill your stocking with nasty brutality.

1987, Park Circus, 102 min, Dir: Renny Harlin

From the producers of HALLOWEEN and RE-ANIMATOR comes an explosive mix of action and horror. Years after prisoner Charles Forsythe rode the lightning in the electric chair for a crime he didn’t commit, the Creedmore Prison is reopened by new warden Eaton Sharpe (Lane Smith). When the prisoners are forced to break down the wall to the old execution room, the angry spirit of Forsythe is unleashed to seek revenge. In one of his first major film roles, Viggo Mortensen stars as a new inmate who tries to minimize the bloodshed.

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