1979, Compass International Pictures, 90 min, USA, Dir: David Schmoeller

A group of friends enters a mysterious remote museum, only to discover that it’s owned by a murderous stalker. With Chuck Conners.

1989, Paramount, 103 min, USA, Dir: Mary Lambert

Devoted family man Louis Creed is devastated when his son is killed in a horrible accident - but he soon learns that bringing his son back to life has some terrifying side effects in this Stephen King classic.

1961, Universal, 93 min, UK, Dir: Terence Fisher

Director Terence Fisher’s atmospheric thriller not only has the distinction of being not only Oliver Reed’s first leading role but also Hammer Studios’ only werewolf film. And a chillingly fine werewolf film it is, with cursed Reed the offspring born on Christmas Day to a mute servant girl (Yvonne Romain) raped by a bestial beggar (Richard Wordsworth) in the dungeons of the sadistic Marques Siniestro (deliciously depraved Anthony Dawson). Kindly Don Alfredo (Clifford Evans) raises Reed in a good home, but when the sensitive young man reaches puberty and his desires are thwarted, the result is a frenzy of bloody carnage.

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