1979, 105 min, Spain, Dir: Iván Zulueta

This brooding cult masterpiece focuses on drug-addicted Madrid director José Sirgado (Eusebio Poncela), who is trying to finish his vampire movie when he gets a package from fellow filmmaker Pedro P. (Will More); the audiovisual materials it contains lead José on a one-way trip down a hallucinatory rabbit hole. Co-starring Almodóvar favorite Cecilia Roth, ARREBATO is loaded with symbolism, and one of the few films to truly capture the mesmerizing nature of cinema.

1979, AGFA, 96 min, USA, Dir: Abel Ferrara

Spiraling between grimy horror, punk rock and art film, Abel Ferrara directs and stars as Remo Miller, a starving artist struggling to make it in NYC. As the pressure mounts, his sanity slips, and the only way to fulfill his artist craving is by taking a power drill to anyone he encounters on the streets late at night. As the opening title card says: "This Film Should Be Played Loud," so prepare for mayhem at maximum volume.

1981, AGFA, 97 min, USA/Italy, Dir: Romano Scavolini

The dream you can't escape alive! A patient disturbed by vicious nightmares of his horrific past escapes from a mental institution and murders his way down New York City’s legendary 42nd Street (in its grindhouse heyday) before making the jaunt to Daytona, Florida. Famously sued by special-effects legend Tom Savini for using his name to promote the film, NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN still delivers the gory goods with work by Ed French (TERMINATOR) and Monster Man Cleve Hall … and has the distinct honor of making Great Britain's “Video Nasty” list.

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