2018, 91 min, USA, Dir: Andre Gower

Though THE MONSTER SQUAD quickly vanished from theaters after its 1987 release, over the last three decades word-of-mouth has turned it into a cultural phenomenon. This new documentary takes an in-depth look into the film’s conception, response, cult status and revival. Through interviews with the cast, crew, screenwriters, directors, academics and original reviewers - as well as through never-before-seen footage - it turns the lens on an audience of self-proclaimed misfits who have kept THE MONSTER SQUAD alive for more than 30 years.

2018, Aura Films, 87 min, Argentina, Dir: Demián Rugna

In an unnamed Buenos Aires neighborhood, Clara is preparing dinner when she starts to hear threatening whispers coming from the kitchen sink. Husband Juan is initially skeptical, but a loud banging noise in the middle of the night wakes him up to a new dimension of horror and forces him to realize that the terror that surrounds his family may have, in fact, engulfed the entire neighborhood. One of the scariest films of 2018, this ingenious puzzlebox doles out each clue needed to solve the mystery with mounting suspense - TERRIFIED is a masterclass of nightmare set pieces.

2018, 83 min, USA, Dir: Chris von Hoffmann

When a trio of teen thieves infiltrates an elite dinner party by posing as servers, they find themselves wholly unprepared for what’s on the night’s menu - they’ve stumbled upon homicidal upper-class cultists in the throes of 12-stepped, stop-the-slaughter recovery! All hell breaks loose when the stickup goes south and the upwardly mobile murderers shed social graces in favor of their sociopathic sensibilities. Featuring pitch-perfect performances and garnished with salty social commentary, Chris von Hoffmann’s sophomore feature is funny, frightening and flush with enough practical effects and gore to sate even the most demanding horror fans.

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