1987, 92 min, Czechoslovakia, Dir: Věra Chytilová

In writer-director Věra Chytilová’s subversive spin on 1980s sci-fi/horror, a group of teenagers are invited to a skiing workshop at an isolated lodge, where their camp counselors seem bent on pitting them against one another. Political overtones of the Czech normalization period are certainly present, though genre fans will likely be too spellbound by the mounting psychological terror to notice. Aided by inventive camera work and a standout performance from Radka Slavíková as teen Emilka, WOLF’S HOLE is sure to get under your skin.

1989, Park Circus/MGM, 95 min, USA/UK/Hungary, Dir: Dwight H. Little

“Only love and music are forever.” NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET star Robert Englund dons the phantom’s mask for a big-screen adaptation of the famed Gaston Leroux novel that hews closer to the horror of the original than the romance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. An accident during an audition transports 1980s Juilliard student Christine Day (Jill Schoelen) back to 19th-century London, where a horribly disfigured antihero who haunts an aging opera house becomes infatuated with her. With Alex Hyde-White, Bill Nighy and Molly Shannon (in her film debut).

2019, Blumhouse, 91 min, USA, Dir: Gigi Saul Guerrero

This episode of the popular Hulu original series INTO THE DARK follows a young Mexican woman (Martha Higareda) in pursuit of the American Dream, who crosses illegally into the United States only to find herself in an American nightmare. Martha Higareda, Richard Cabral, Shawn Ashmore, Barbara Crampton and Creed Bratton star in this socially relevant and painfully human story of desperation and the terrifying realities that accompany the struggle to get a fair chance at life.

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