1922, Kino International, 74 min, USA, Dir: Burton L. King

Harry Houdini plays Howard Hillary, a man who is thawed out after being encased in Arctic ice for a century. He meets Felice, who seems like the reincarnation of his lover from 100 years past, and soon must rescue the young woman’s abducted father. This silent showcases both Houdini’s interest in life after death and some of his most breathtaking stunts, including a sequence that brings the legendary magician/escape artist to the brink of Niagra Falls!

1955, MGM/Park Circus, 83 min, USA, Dir: Howard Koch

No meaner, more vicious band of bust-out psychos was ever crammed together in one cell block: Ralph Meeker, Broderick Crawford, Charles Bronson, Lon Chaney Jr. and William Talman! Meeker plays a child kidnapper sent to the Big House after his young hostage dies. He then leads the crazed cons in a breakout to retrieve the hidden ransom! Director Howard Koch turns John C. Higgins’ twist-filled script into the most jaw-droppingly brutal prison film of the 1950s!

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