2017, 152 min, Romania, Dir: Constantin Popescu

The kidnapping thriller gets a unique twist in this enthralling drama by up-and-coming Romanian director Constantin Popescu. With shades of the international classics M and BLOW-UP, POROROCA follows a young father (San Sebastián International Film Festival Best Actor Bogdan Dumitrache) on a mission to find his missing daughter, whose mysterious disappearance turns suburban Bucharest into a labyrinth of sympathizers and potential suspects.

2017, 97 min, Austria, Dir: Barbara Albert

Set in 18th-century Vienna, this fresh feminist satire turns its eye on a blind pianist, the largely solipsistic men trying to exploit her talents and the controversial physician, Dr. Franz Mesmer, trying to restore her sight. Anchored by an incredible performance from Maria Dragus (THE WHITE RIBBON) and elegant and subtle direction from Barbara Albert, PARADIS is a prescient and sumptuous film that challenges our ideals of healing and perception at every turn. Winner of five Austrian Film Awards, including Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.

1979, Sony Repertory, 122 min, USA, Dir: James Bridges

The title of this riveting thriller refers to the possibility that a malfunction at a nuclear power plant could cause radioactive material to melt through the floor, “all the way to China.” Bright and ambitious TV reporter Jane Fonda is on assignment with her cameraman Michael Douglas at a Southern California power plant when she learns of an impending control-room crisis involving plant supervisor Jack Lemmon. While the nuclear power industry greeted the film’s premiere with howls of protest, the Three Mile Island accident that followed less than two weeks later gave it a chilling credibility.

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