2018, Latido, 103 min, Spain, Dir: Arantxa Echevarria

Making her feature film debut, writer-director Arantxa Echevarria creates an impassioned love story both universal and sharply specific, following the blossoming romance of two young gypsy girls. Carmen (Rosy Rodriguez) and Lola (Zaira Morales) find freedom in each other’s company as they experience a true sense of identity for the first time. But as their relationship grows deeper, they face fallout from Madrid’s traditional Roma community. Featuring a vibrant cast of first-time actors, CARMEN Y LOLA premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival (Directors' Fortnight) and marks the start of a promising filmmaking career.

2018, Netflix, 113 min, Spain, Dir: Ramón Salazar

Bárbara Lennie (EVERYBODY KNOWS, PETRA) and Susi Sánchez (THE SKIN I LIVE IN) star in this critically acclaimed drama as a mother and daughter who spend several days together in a remote country cabin, breaking a 30-year estrangement. The two women know nothing about each other beyond the obvious disparity in their lifestyles, and a history of betrayal makes an awkward 10 days even more painful - but the daughter’s reason for her return is perhaps not so malicious, and there may be a path to reconciliation after all. “It’s a powerful look at the durability of parent-child bonds as well as a fascinating psychological thriller about what it takes to heal such a rift when it seems irreparable.” - Eric Kohn, IndieWire.

2017, Film Factory, 114 min, Spain, Dir: Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño

In this gripping period piece based on actual events, veteran Martín (Joseba Usabiaga) makes a shocking discovery upon returning home from the First Carlist War: his younger brother Joaquín (Eneko Sagardoy) has become the world’s tallest man. As the brothers try to profit from Joaquín’s worsening condition with a circus act travelling across Europe, they face a host of obstacles that test the limits of their beliefs and loyalties. A moving drama about sibling relationships, THE GIANT won an impressive 10 Goya Awards, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best New Actor (Sagardoy). “…[A] film at once fantastic, allegorical and deeply poetic.” - Luis Martínez, El Mundo.

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