2010, Sophimages, 85 min, Belgium, Dir: Sophie Schoukens

Young Marieke works at a Brussels chocolate factory during the day, and at night half-heartedly entertains relationships with a number of older suitors. When Jacoby, a book editor searching for Marieke's late father's unfinished manuscript, arrives on the scene, Marieke's world is turned upside down. Does she love Jacoby? Will her relationship with Jacoby push her emotionally distant mother even farther away from her? In French with English subtitles.

2010, Kinepolis Film Distribution, 90 min, Belgium, Dir: Hilde Van Mieghem

Sort of a tonal first cousin to American director Nancy Meyers, director Hilde Van Mieghem paints a hectic if delightful roller coaster portrait of a family of women dealing with love at many points on its spectrum: first crushes, lust, affairs, baby fever, and indestructible love. Official selection at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2011. "Sex, lies and AMELIE-like cinematic tricks...a carnal variation on musical chairs." - Variety. In Dutch with English subtitles.

1972, Walt Disney Co., 100 min, USA, Dir: Sam Peckinpah

Steve McQueen is Junior Bonner, a restless rodeo star trying to deal with his drifter-con man dad (Robert Preston) and outspoken, responsible mom (Ida Lupino), as well as girlfriend Barbara Leigh - when he’s not getting his head busted on bucking broncos. A sometimes funny, sometimes melancholy meditation on Americans who’ve forsaken the 9-to-5 strait jacket to thrive in a much more rugged lifestyle. With Ben Johnson and Joe Don Baker.

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