2011, Credofilm, 90 min, Germany, Dir: Robert Thalheim

It is 1988, a year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 17-year-old twins and best friends Doreen and Isabel (Friederike Becht and Luise Heyer), both successful oarswomen, are spending the summer at the placid Lake Balaton in the Soviet satellite state of Hungary. Yet the tranquility of their focused summer begins to crumble when Doreen falls for Arne (Franz Dinda), a young West German. Confronted with the first real instance of possible rupture in their relationship, and with the reality that the divided Germany of their childhood is about to radically change, Doreen and Isabel find themselves looking ahead to an uncertain future and the most momentous decision of their lives. In German with English subtitles.

2010, Schwarz/Weiss Filmverleih, 94 min, Germany, Dir: Florian Micoud Cossen

Competitive swimmer Maria (Jessica Schwarz) misses her connecting flight when she witnesses something traumatic in the skies over the Buenos Aires airport. Unsettled, she stays in the city for a couple of days, and is surprised by the unannounced arrival at her hotel of her aging father Anton (Michael Gwisdek). As the tenuous relationship between daughter and father unravels, and secrets are revealed - including tales of kidnapping, torture, and a personal backstory Maria was never told - an elegant drama emerges, with one foot in historical tragedy and one in the everyday tragedies between family members. Winner of Best Supporting Actress, and nominated for Best Direction and Best Cinematography, at the German Film Awards. In German with English subtitles.

2011, Milk Film, 120 min, Germany, Dir: Jan Fehse

In director Jan Fehse's relentlessly tense and absorbing drama, two women face each other in a room. One, forensic specialist and psychiatrist Dr. Fendt (Wiebke Puls), is trying to understand the seemingly incomprehensible psyche of the other woman, Jasmin (Anne Schafer), and the horrid crime she's committed - the murder of her own 3-year-old daughter. Over the course of four days of harrowing interrogation, we accompany Jasmin on a journey into the heart of darkness, and begin to glimpse how the unimaginable came to pass and ended in catastrophe. Official selection of FilmFest Munchen 2011. In German with English subtitles.

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