2000, Lionsgate, 90 min, UK/USA/Luxembourg, Dir: Elias Merhige

This fictional meditation about F.W. Murnau (John Malkovich) and the making of NOSFERATU is based on the conceit that the director was so determined to make the most authentic movie ever that he employed a real vampire, Max Schreck (Willem Dafoe), to play the title character. Attributing Schreck's weird behavior and ghastly appearances to "Method" acting, Murnau indulges his leading man's every exigency, shooting only at night and at the remote locations the "actor" calls home. But Schreck hungers for human blood, and as cast and crew fall ill at a terrifying rate, Murnau races to finish his film before Schreck finishes him. An exceedingly witty exploration of creation, in which demanding artist and demanding star - the genius and the monster - reveal their uncontrollable, potentially destructive but unusually seductive compulsions.

2017, 95 min, USA, Dir: Richard Schenkman

Following 10 years after cult sci-fi favorite THE MAN FROM EARTH, 14,000-year-old John Oldman (David Lee Smith) is now comfortably hiding in plain sight as a college professor in Northern California. But his existence comes crashing down when four students discover his deepest secret, putting his life in grave danger and potentially shaking mankind to its very soul.

2007, 87 min, USA, Dir: Richard Schenkman

After history professor John Oldman (David Lee Smith) unexpectedly resigns from his university, startled colleagues impulsively invite themselves to his home, pressing him for an explanation. They’re shocked to hear his reason for premature retirement: John claims he is immortal, and cannot stay in one place for more than 10 years without his secret being discovered. Tempers rise as John's fellow professors attempt to poke holes in his story, and what started out as a friendly gathering soon builds to an unexpected and shattering climax.

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