1957, 20th Century Fox, 97 min, USA, Dir: Henry Levin

After a minor run-in with the law in Chicago, Nick Conover (Pat Boone) is sent to live with his aunt and uncle on their horse farm in Kentucky. There he shows a surprising talent for harness racing and catches the eye of the girl next door (Shirley Jones). This squeaky-clean box office hit remains a favorite of Boone, who sings the Oscar-nominated, chart-topping title song.

1949, Universal, 87 min, USA, Dir: Robert Siodmak

When he died in 1947, producer Mark Hellinger had just begun pre-production on this crime-infected love story. Thanks to the inspired vision of director Siodmak, CRISS CROSS now stands as perhaps the most darkly poetic rendering of amour fou in all film noir. Burt Lancaster and Dan Duryea plot a daring heist, while vying for the affections of sensual Yvonne DeCarlo. Remade by Stephen Soderbergh as THE UNDERNEATH.

1970, 20th Century Fox, 109 min, USA, Dir: Russ Meyer

Dolly Reed, Marcia McBroom and the incredibly foxy Cynthia Meyers journey from Hicksville to Hollywood hoping to make it big with their all-girl rock trio, The Carrie Nations. They fall prey to the evils of the music industry as well as to their own inflated ambitions. A pop culture sex fest (co-written by film critic Roger Ebert). With additional tunes from The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

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