1996, Warner Bros. , 111 min, Dir: Harold Becker

Academy Award winner Al Pacino stars as New York City mayor John Pappas, a populist leader who harbors ambitions for the presidency. Brilliant young strategist Kevin Calhoun (John Cusack) serves as the mayor's idealistic deputy – but their office comes under fire after a shootout between a hero cop and a Mafia-connected drug dealer leaves a small child dead. Also starring Academy Award winner Martin Landau, Bridget Fonda and Danny Aiello, this taut political thriller reveals the dirty little secrets of democracy and the pursuit of power at any price.

2018, 107 min, Canada, Dir: Yan Giroux

All his life, Yves (Martin Dubreuil) has dedicated himself to writing poetry, regardless of the cost. After a chance meeting at a book launch, Yves hits on Dyane (Céline Bonnier), a graphic designer who falls for his charms and invites him into her home and her life. Her son (Henri Richer-Picard) takes an immediate dislike to this eccentric stranger but eventually the studious teenager is inspired by the bedraggled poet to explore his own artistic side. But Yves feels increasingly trapped and decides to reinvent himself again - is it too late? Loosely based on the life and work of Quebec poet Yves Boisvert (1950-2012), Giroux’s debut feature is an impressive tale of one man’s unusual quest for the meaning of life. In French with English subtitles.

2018, 91 min, Canada, Dir: Patricia Rozema

Faced with the sudden death of her mother and wrestling with the responsibility of delivering the eulogy, aspiring writer Cassandra finds solace in her imagination and in her memory, which rapidly become indistinguishable. As the funeral service approaches, Cassandra’s conflicted, complex reflections on her mother intensify and push her life in new and unexpected directions. Moving back and forth in time, the film’s multifaceted narrative probes the intimacies and emotional complexities of how we remember, what we remember and why we remember. Based on the award-winning play staged to acclaim at UCLA last month (playwrights Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken co-star in the film as two “versions” of Cassandra), MOUTHPIECE is an inventive, engaging narrative of personal rebirth from the acclaimed director of I’VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING, MANSFIELD PARK and INTO THE FOREST. "A thoughtful interrogation of modern womanhood, leavened by gallows humour." - Scott Tobias, Variety.

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