2001, Zeitgeist, 82 min, France, Dir: Agnes Varda

French New Wave pioneer Agnes Varda’s marvelous "wandering road documentary" focuses on the centuries-old tradition of "gleaning" in France - literally, picking up the cast-offs of others. Varda follows rural scavengers who gather leftover vegetables after the harvest, and urban scavengers who collect discarded food and appliances from the streets of Paris. Varda interweaves these scenes with her own intimate thoughts on aging, humorous interviews with judges and attorneys who debate - Monty Python-style - the legality of gleaning while standing in potato fields, and a host of other spontaneous musings on French art and culture. Through it all, the director’s patient sense of social obligation shines through, as she asks again and again, "How can one live on the leftovers of others?" Winner, Best Non-Fiction Film - National Society Of Film Critics.

2010, 45 min, USA, Dir: Jeremy Seifert

By turns amusing and infuriating, this multi-award-winning documentary looks at the staggering amount of perfectly good food - more than 250 million pounds a day - that goes to waste in this country. Director Jeremy Seifert and friends bring the point home by dumpster-diving behind Los Angeles supermarkets and salvaging thousands of dollars’ worth of groceries that would otherwise go straight into a landfill. While store owners seem indifferent about the issue when confronted by these guerilla filmmakers, DIVE! is sure to inspire viewers to action, both within their communities and at their own dinner tables.

2008, 90 min, USA, Dir: Murray Grigor

The lifelong quest of visionary genius John Lautner to create “architecture that has no beginning and no end” is traced in this fascinating documentary telling the story of his brilliant and complicated life - and the most sensual architecture of the 20th century. As a young man, Lautner broke from his mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright, and went west to California to forge his own architecture. His life was marked by innovation and inspiration, endless battles with building codes, an accidental leap into the epicenter of pop culture, bitterness at lost opportunities and finally, monumental achievement.

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