2006, Milan Entertainment, 90 min, USA, Dir: Clive Collier

An intimate portrait of the co-lead singer of Dead Can Dance featuring masterful performances by co-lead singer Brendan Perry and interviews with Perry, actor Russell Crowe, director Michael Mann, composer Hans Zimmer and more. Directed and produced by Clive Collier, the bio-doc illustrates the essence of Lisa’s music: her singing as strong spiritual expression and her connection with nature. The film also covers the different components of Lisa’s career: her beginnings with the formation of the Dead Can Dance group with Brendan Perry in the 1980s, her film and solo careers (including her musical contributions to movies like THE INSIDER, ALI, WHALE RIDER and GLADIATOR), the re-formation of Dead Can Dance for a world tour in 2005, and aspects of her family life that support and influence her work.

2010, 50 min, USA, Dir: Severine von Tscharmer Fleming

Director Severine von Tscharmer Fleming travels the United States meeting with young farmers who have followed a variety of paths. Some have grown up on farms and stayed, while others have looked for outside opportunities and ultimately returned to their families' farms and still others have chosen the profession without previous connection. Through a series of enlightening and engrossing interviews, the documentary's subjects talk about the challenges they've faced, from daily financing and basic farm business matters to the devastating reality of rebuilding after a natural disaster. Never sugarcoated, THE GREENHORNS nonetheless offers an optimistic and exciting view of our country's next generation of farmers.

2007, 83 min, USA, Dir: Laurent Le Gall

Every year, tens of thousands of participants migrate to the vacant heart of the Wild West, the Black Rock desert in Nevada to celebrate Burning Man. Without a doubt the experience is extreme in this lost world of huge heat, desert storms, no shade, and no shops. Everybody must survive by themselves by bringing their own food and hopefully their good spirit. These “burners” mix their urban culture with a certain type of improvised tribalism. According to Larry Harvey, the principals are simple. Radical self expression and creation are absolute. No money here. All is based on a gift economy! With a strong emphasis on founder Larry Harvey and temple artist David Best, this chronicle of Burning Man 2002 expresses the scale and power of the Burning Man experience. Superb cinematography and editing are combined to make this is one of the most moving Burning Man videos ever produced. “VOYAGE IN UTOPIA is a remarkable piece of story telling. It does what our event is said to do : it evokes the inexpressible, it invites imagination to inhabit the unknown." - Larry Harvey.

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