2017, IFC Midnight, 91 min, Dir: Alexandre O. Philippe

The shower scene in PSYCHO is accepted as one of director Alfred Hitchcock’s most masterful achievements, both technically and in terms of storytelling. This new documentary puts the scene under a microscope, covering its every angle with expert interviews and technical analysis. Through personal stories from filmmakers, actors and fans ranging from Elijah Wood to Peter Bogdanovich, this meditation and celebration of Hitchcock and his legendary shocker paints a picture of a late-’50s film world on the brink of change and shows how PSYCHO delivered that change.

2017, 88 min, USA, Dir: Jon Schnitzer

Americans love a good scare at Halloween and nothing does it quite like a haunted house; “haunters” build these houses and act out the roles of the monsters inside, building an atmosphere that resides between the realms of fun and fear for the people who visit year after year. Starting with the history of haunted houses, this comprehensive documentary runs the gamut, including their inception, their evolution and even their future through interviews with fascinating characters who offer unique insights into this largely unexplored world.

2017, Netflix, 93 min, United States, Dir: Jeff Orlowski

Coral reefs are the nursery for all life in the oceans, a remarkable ecosystem that sustains us. Yet with carbon emissions warming the seas, a phenomenon called “coral bleaching” - a sign of mass coral death - has been accelerating around the world. This new documentary from filmmaker Jeff Orlowski (CHASING ICE) taps into the collective will and wisdom of an ad man, a self-proclaimed coral nerd, top-notch camera designers and renowned marine biologists as they invent the first time-lapse camera to record bleaching events as they happen. With its breathtaking photography, nail-biting suspense and startling emotion, CHASING CORAL offers a dramatic look at the troubling transformation below the waves.

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