1976, 20th Century Fox, 111 min, USA, Dir: Paul Mazursky

Writer-director Paul Mazursky takes a semi-autobiographical look at his days as an aspiring actor in 1950s New York in this engaging dramedy. Against the advice of his mother, fresh-faced Lenny Baker moves to Greenwich Village, where he falls in with a surrogate family of oddballs as he chases stardom. Along with such veteran performers as Shelley Winters, Lois Smith and Lou Jacobi, aspiring actor Bill Murray made his big screen debut in a brief, uncredited role here.

2017, FilmRise, 98 min, USA, Dir: Michael Almereyda

Adapted from Jordan Harrison’s play, this moving look at the intersection of human memory and artificial intelligence has Lois Smith reprising her stage role as the title character. In the early stages of dementia, 86-year-old Marjorie lives in Long Island with her daughter, Tess (Geena Davis), and son-in-law, Jon (Tim Robbins). At Jon’s suggestion, Marjorie has been provided with a holographic version of her late husband to slow her memory loss - but the presence of a re-creation of her father doesn’t sit so well with Tess. Co-starring Jon Hamm.

2014, 108 min, Canada, Dir: Dan Zukovic

In writer-director Dan Zukovic’s (THE LAST BIG THING) darkly comic neo-noir, legendarily unorthodox business hustler Silas Breece (Zukovic) has fled to the desert. Known around the globe for his epic investment schemes and silver tongue, Breece had been setting up deals for a cryptic international collective of financial backers and underworld criminal figures known as "The Consortium." After these increasingly elaborate projects collapse, it’s only a matter of time before Consortium hit men catch up with him ... but can his silver tongue talk his way out? Shot over 7 years in more than 30 locations around the world, this festival favorite features Emmy winner Alex Rocco and Bruce Glover in key roles.

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