1991, Rialto Pictures, 102 min, France, Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro

Set in a surreal, post-apocalyptic world that’s equal parts Terry Gilliam, Jan Svankmajer and Bozo the Clown, DELICATESSEN stars Dominique Pinon as rubber-faced acrobat Louison and Marie-Laure Dougnac as his myopic sweetheart Julie, trying to find love while they evade the murderous meat-cleaver of her father (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) and a tenement filled with cannibalistic neighbors!

2018, 110 min, Luxembourg, Dir: Félix Koch

Luxembourgish comic-book superhero "De Superjhemp" is brought to life in this hilarious box office hit. With the country in mortal danger, the retired superhero (André Jung) has little time to rediscover his powers, don his old cape and save the day. But fitting into his old tights is only half the problem, as he finds that family matters can be just as difficult. With its impressive special effects and signature Luxembourgish humor, DE SUPERJHEMP RETÖRNS is the biggest hit of all time in its native country.

2018, 126 min, Latvia, Dir: Oskars Rupenheits

The first Latvian feature partially financed by a local crowdfunding campaign, THE FOUNDATION OF CRIMINAL EXCELLENCE follows a man’s hilarious search for inspiration for his screenplay about the criminal underworld. What begins as a few harmless scams turns into an elaborate heist, as the wannabe con artist and his reluctant companion find themselves more entangled in crime than they ever imagined. With an entirely nonprofessional cast, this irreverent buddy comedy from first-time director Oskars Rupenheits was a surprise hit at the Latvian box office, becoming the No. 1 film of 2018.

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