1980, 113 min, Dir: Harold Becker

Paula Prentiss is a cop who falls in love with her new partner (Robert Foxworth), but his alcoholic struggle to deal with the realities of his work creates a major obstacle. Adapted from a novel by Joseph Wambaugh. With James Woods, Harry Dean Stanton and Christopher Lloyd.

1964, Universal, 120 min, Dir: Howard Hawks

This later-era Howard Hawks classic stars Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss as Roger and Abby, two headstrong overachievers wrangled into the ultimate battle of the sexes when Roger, the leading expert on sports fishing, is entered in a local fishing contest. The problem? Roger's never fished in his life. Delightful mayhem ensues as Roger and Abby unskillfully deal with the great outdoors.

2010, Baby Shark Inc., 91 min, Dir: Robert Bella

Every year on the anniversary of rock idol Colin Fitz's death, something bizarre happens at his gravesite. Hired to stand sentinel by the grave, two bizarro, mismatched guards watch as an odditorium of fans come and go, including awesome supporting performances by William H. Macy, Martha Plimpton and John C. McGinley. One of the greatest films you’ve never seen, this film event is not to be missed!

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