2010, Sony Pictures Classics, 80 min, France/UK, Dir: Sylvain Chomet

Director Sylvain Chomet (THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE) adapted an unproduced script by French comedy legend Jacques Tati to create this animated delight. In 1959, magician Tatischeff (Jean-Claude Donda) follows his dwindling fortunes from Paris to a remote Scottish island, where he meets young Alice (Eilidh Rankin), who is so amazed by his illusions that she follows him to Edinburgh. “The magically melancholy final act of Jacques Tati's career.” – Roger Ebert. In French, English and Gaelic with English subtitles.

1982, 96 min, USA, Dir: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.

Can magic and science coexist? Only if Peter Dickinson (John Ritter), a game designer recruited by three wizards, can defeat the evil Ommadon (James Earl Jones). This unusually philosophical animated treat also features the voices of Harry Morgan and Victor Buono.

1982, Conlan Press, 92 min, USA, Dir: Arthur Rankin Jr., Jules Bass

While directors Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass are best known for their stop-motion TV specials, they also did traditional cel work, and the Japanese animation house they used here would go on to become Studio Ghibli. Adapted by Peter S. Beagle from his novel, this touching fantasy features the voices of Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee and Mia Farrow as the titular creature on a magic-filled quest to find others of her kind. With music by Jimmy Webb and soft-rock hitmakers America.

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