2012, 97 min, Ireland, Dir: Ian Fitzgibbon

Blending live action with animation and adapting a novel by Anthony McCarten, DEATH OF A SUPERHERO follows the fate of typical 15-year-old Donald (Thomas Brodie-Sangster). Donald has issues with his parents, his school and would-be romantic relationships, all the while nurturing a burgeoning artistic talent. But his perspective changes when he is diagnosed with cancer. Left bald and gaunt by chemo, Donald retreats into his own world, where he becomes an invincible superhero. Helped by a psychiatrist (mo-cap maestro Andy Serkis), his parents and the girl he falls in love with, Donald decides to make the most of his remaining days.

1986, MGM/Park Circus, 80 min, UK, Dir: Jimmy Murakami

In Jimmy Murakami’s apocalyptic animated delight, aging British couple Hilda and Jim Bloggs (Peggy Ashcroft and John Mills) build a bomb shelter in preparation for an impending nuclear attack, unaware that the nature of warfare has changed since World War II. Written by Raymond Briggs (THE SNOWMAN) based on his graphic novel of the same name. Soundtrack features music by Roger Waters and David Bowie (who performed the title song), along with Genesis, Squeeze and Paul Hardcastle.

1973, Paramount, 94 min, USA, Dir: Charles A. Nichols, Iwao Takamoto

Debbie Reynolds is the voice of Charlotte, a gentle spider who befriends lovable pig Wilbur (Henry Gibson) in this irresistible animated adaptation of E.B. White’s classic novel.

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