1982, AGFA, 95 min, Hong Kong, Dir: Chung Sun

Martial arts and no-holds-barred horror make for a seriously wild experience in this ’82 slice of Shaw Brothers mayhem. A clawed, skull-masked village psycho is on the loose, swiping young women to peel off their skin in his grisly workshop of the damned. Could the murders be connected to a brewing town rivalry over the upcoming lantern festival? The rowdy scenes of the hairy, hyperactive maniac going to town turned this formerly obscure genre mash-up into a cult favorite among Hong Kong fans.

1978, AGFA, 98 min, Hong Kong, Dir: Chang Cheh

The film that launched generations of kung fu acolytes, a popular film series and a few thousand rap songs, this iconic film will also have KILL BILL fans experiencing serious déjà vu. Five skilled martial arts students - the Centipede, the Scorpion, the Lizard, the Snake and the Toad - are mysterious, masked disciples of a clan leader whose dying wish sends his favorite student off to find out whether they intend to carry on for good or evil. The climactic five-way battle is the stuff of legend.

2018, 100 min, USA, Dir: Jose Angel Henrickson

After reading an obscure but powerful book titled War is a Racket, ex-military private contractor Cano (Alejandro De Hoyos) is forced to question his entire career. But redemption may come with his latest assignment; he and his team are in Mexico protecting the life of young Erasmo (Sebastián Cano). The boy’s family was murdered, presumably by a drug cartel in retaliation for articles published in his father’s newspaper. The sole survivor of the killings, Erasmo has withdrawn to his room, where he plays violent video games all day - and returning him to school will prove more dangerous than Cano could imagine.

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