"Never Weaken"
1921, 19 min, USA, Dir: Harold Lloyd

Lloyd's final short film, and the third of five "thrill" pictures featuring his stunt climbing work (here he stumbles upon the girders of a high-rise building), follows a typically lovelorn Harold, who decides to commit suicide - and spends the majority of the film failing hilariously - when he hears his crush is to marry another. Scenes were filmed immediately adjacent to where the Egyptian Theatre was built in 1922, and where the Pig 'n Whistle was later built in 1927.

2010, Music Box Films, 96 min, Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, South Africa, Dir: Djo Munga

In this wildly exciting, slickly executed action-drama, affable hustler Riva has set his sights on smuggling a lucrative cache - barrels of fuel, courtesy of a gang of shady Angolans, which can be re-sold for a massive profit. Needless to say, an entire web of underworld thugs and crime bosses are also (literally) gunning for the barrels. Set in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, VIVA RIVA! exposes a hypnotically intriguing world we hardly see on screen, and rarely as a stage for rip-roaring action - ruthless, brutal and anarchic, with desperation and decadence in close quarters. In French and Lingala with English subtitles. "A blast from start to finish, writer-director Djo Tunda Wa Munga's VIVA RIVA! marks the Congo as an African filmmaking center to watch... Reveling in genre codes and reminiscent of Tony Scott's mix of adrenaline and style." – Variety.

1978, MGM Repertory, 106 min, USA, Dir: Sam Peckinpah

For some strange reason, CB radios and long-distance truckers became all the rage in the late ’70s. When C.W. McCall’s country hit "Convoy" rocketed up the pop charts as well, the phenomenon took on a life of its own. Bill L. Norton (CISCO PIKE) wrote the screenplay for director Sam Peckinpah’s irascible action comedy about a trucker known as Rubber Duck (Kris Kristofferson), who, in league with his gal Melissa (Ali MacGraw), leads a rebellious convoy of like-minded drivers in protest against a brutally repressive sheriff called Cottonmouth (Ernest Borgnine). With Burt Young, Franklin Ajaye, Seymour Cassel.

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