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1977, Film Ventures Intl., 97 min, Dir: William Girdler

It’s man versus Mother Nature, and she’s packing razor-sharp claws and teeth. With the ozone depleted, a group of nature-happy hikers pays the ultimate price as radiation-crazed animals run amok. There’s mountain lions, grizzly bears and shirtless Leslie Nielsens … oh my!

1976, 91 min, USA, Dir: William Girdler

In this landlocked take on the JAWS tale, a gigantic grizzly begins picking off campers at a national park; it’s up to the park’s chief ranger (Christopher George), a zoologist (Richard Jaeckel) and a veteran helicopter pilot (Andrew Prine) to bag the bear before tourist season is ruined.

1978, Rialto Pictures, 104 min, USA, Dir: William Girdler

Gonzo 1970s drive-in movie madness, with Susan Strasberg as a young woman who has a 400-year-old medicine man growing out of her back. Tony Curtis stars as a bogus spiritualist who comes face-to-face with the midget demon, with the help of New Age midwife Michael Ansara. Must be seen to be believed.

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