1958, Warner Bros., 75 min, USA, Dir: William Castle

Morbidly whimsical millionaire Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) offers five guests $10,000 each to spend the night in his mansion, a haunted house with a homicidal history. The vastly underrated Carol Ohmart is delightful as Annabelle, Price’s amoral, murderous wife. One of director William Castle’s most entertaining frightfests. With Richard Long, Elisha Cook Jr.

1955, Columbia [Sony Repertory], 76 min, USA, Dir: William Castle

William Castle takes his crew on location to the Big Easy for this entry in the 1950s exposé sweepstakes. Discharged Navy vet Arthur Franz (THE SNIPER) catches on as a longshoreman and quickly learns things on the docks are crooked as hell. When his buddy is killed in a suspicious accident, Franz decides to go undercover for the cops to take down local crime boss Michael Ansara. Of course, this means tussling as well with “Big Easies” Beverly Garland and Helene Stanton. “Filmed at White Heat… At the bottom of Desire Street!” Not on DVD!

1956, Columbia [Sony Repertory], 79 min, USA, Dir: William Castle

Gene Barry stars as an amoral and ambitious wildcatter who presents Midwest gangster Edward Arnold with a plan for siphoning off millions of dollars worth of Gulf oil and selling it at a huge profit on the black market. Will Barry survive to see the spoils of his pre-Enron scheme? Spicing things up is Barry’s affair with Arnold’s chanteuse moll, played by a platinum-tressed Barbara Hale, pre-“Perry Mason.” Director William Castle brings visual virtuosity to the cut-rate Sam Katzman production. Not on DVD!

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