2010, Sundance Selects, 90 min, USA, Dir: Werner Herzog

Director Werner Herzog takes the viewer inside the Chauvet Cave in Southern France and reveals the oldest known pictures created by mankind. Using stunning 3-D technology as well as interviews with scientists and other experts, the master director transports the viewer through time to ponder the nature of art and existence itself.

2012, Investigation Discovery, 188 min, USA, Dir: Werner Herzog

Director Werner Herzog continues the exploration of capital punishment that he initiated in INTO THE ABYSS with a series of four 47-minute documentaries: "Portrait: James Barnes," "Portrait: Hank Skinner, "Portrait: Joseph Garcia and George Rivas," and "Portrait: Linda Carty." Taken together, these four case studies of convicts on death row powerfully examine the ethics of the death penalty and the humanity of the accused without resorting to easy answers or preaching. Herzog’s talent for observing eccentric behavior and his obsession with probing complex issues are both on triumphant display in this ambitious piece of cinematic moral inquiry.

2011, 106 min, USA, Dir: Werner Herzog

Director Werner Herzog turns his focus on an impending execution in Texas and the realities of Death Row in this documentary that examines why people kill and why the state kills. By following the aftermath of a triple homicide in Texas, Herzog explores the costs of violence to all involved, raising questions that are more relevant than ever in the wake of recent controversies regarding capital punishment.

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