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1928, 62 min, USA, Dir: Tay Garnett

In this rarely seen suspense thriller, Flash (Alan Hale, Sr. in his best performance) and “Perfesser” (Clyde Cook) are carnival grifters who try to put one over on Cleo (Renee Adorée), ultimately running afoul of murderous pickpocket Red Moon (master heavy Fred Koehler). Don’t miss this unjustly neglected gem!

1946, Warner Bros., 113 min, USA, Dir: Tay Garnett

Lana Turner and John Garfield scorch the screen as a pair of murderous lovers, in director Tay Garnett’s much-imitated but never-equaled dark romance, one of the high points of 1940s film noir. Based on the novel by the great James M. Cain (the title famously refers to Cain’s own postman, who would ring twice when delivering rejection notices from publishers).

1932, Universal, 78 min, USA, Dir: Tay Garnett

A hugely popular radio personality (Lew Ayres), clearly based on the legendary Walter Winchell, uses his influence to manipulate both sides of the law while investigating a kidnapping that leads all the way to the White House. A wildly entertaining pre-Code exposé on the greasy relationship between politicians, organized crime and the burgeoning American media. Screenplay by William Anthony McGuire. Directed by Tay Garnett. NOT ON DVD

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