1974, Paramount, 128 min, USA, Dir: Sidney Lumet

This delightful Agatha Christie adaptation features one of the most astonishing casts in film history - including Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Albert Finney, Sean Connery and Richard Widmark, among many others. The meticulous and intricate story, which follows Hercule Poirot’s (Finney) investigation of the title crime aboard a luxury train, is a pretext for director Lumet to offer up a glorious tribute to old-fashioned Hollywood glamour.

1965, Paramount, 119 min, USA, Dir: Sidney Lumet

Rod Steiger is the pawnbroker of the title, an emotionally constricted Holocaust survivor whose efforts to cut himself off from others are severely tested.

1976, MGM Repertory, 120 min, USA, Dir: Sidney Lumet

Director Sidney Lumet helmed this vitriolic dissection of network television from Paddy Chayefsky’s Oscar-winning script. Peter Finch won a posthumous Oscar as Best Actor for his performance as Howard Beale, the fired news anchorman who goes "mad as hell" on nationwide TV. Faye Dunaway (Oscar winner for Best Actress) is the new creative honcho who angles to exploit Beale’s madness to boost ratings.

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