1970, 100 min, Italy, Dir: Sergio Sollima

Killer Charles Bronson is chased by double crossers while on a vacation with main squeeze Jill Ireland and, after mucho mayhem, left for dead. But Bronson re-emerges from prison to hunt through the New Orleans underworld for his traitorous comrades. He gets more than he bargained for, running into duplicitous Ireland and her new hubby, mob boss Telly Savalas, who wants to hire Bronson - and won’t take no for an answer. “One stylish action scene after another…whipped into a frenzy by Ennio Morricone's shredded electro soundtrack...” - Grady Hendrix, New York Sun.

1966, Sony Repertory, 110 min, Italy, Dir: Sergio Sollima

Ruthless Texas lawman Lee Van Cleef pursues fugitive Cuchillo (Tomas Milian), a peasant who has been framed for a child's murder. Working from a story by screenwriter Franco Solinas (THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS), director Sergio Sollima infuses the standard spaghetti Western formulas with a conscious sense of class-driven politics - and plenty of brutal action. In Italian with English subtitles.

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