2004, 100 min, USA/Mexico/Spain, Dir: Sergio Arau

How do you make the invisible visible? You take it away. Misunderstandings and humorous situations abound in this comedic satire when California wakes up one morning to discover that a third of its population has vanished - the sole characteristic linking the 14 million disappeared being their Hispanic background. As the state begins to deteriorate, the crisis is reflected in the lives of a teacher (Maureen Flannigan), a senator (John Getz), a ranch owner (Muse Watson) and a reporter (Yareli Arizmendi).

2010, Art Naco Films, 90 min, Mexico, Dir: Sergio Arau

In this inventive mockumentary, director Sergio Arau (A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN) revisits his old musical group Botellita de Jerez, pioneers of “guacarock” in the 1980s. The band’s blend of blues, cumbia, punk and performance art has proven highly influential (Botellita’s disciples include La Maldita Vecindad and Café Tacuba), and their sharp sense of humor is put to fine use here. A crazy quilt of music, comedy and Mexican culture, NACO ES CHIDO stitches together actual footage from the band’s heyday and interviews with other music stars with a fictitious storyline about a rediscovered recording that sparks a reunion of the now down-on-their-luck group members. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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