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1946, Sony Repertory, 85 min, USA, Dir: Robert Rossen

JOHNNY'S NO GOOD...but that's how women want him! Innocent Nancy Hobson (Evelyn Keyes) ventures to the nasty noir city when her sister winds up dead. She’s soon up to her chin in a tangle of gamblers, gangsters and surly cops - not to mention falling under the spell of charismatic casino owner Johnny O’Clock (Dick Powell, in his signature role). Scribe Robert Rossen’s directorial debut as a director offers the full range of noir iconography, and is played to the hilt by a colorful cast, featuring Lee J. Cobb, Ellen Drew, Nina Foch and Thomas Mitchell. NOT ON DVD

1961, 20th Century Fox, 135 min, USA, Dir: Robert Rossen

Paul Newman is unforgettable as pool shark Eddie Felson, who shakes his loser persona when heartless gambler George C. Scott teaches him the psychology of winning. Eddie realizes too late that obsessive victory over the unbeatable Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) is empty, since the cost is the destruction of his crippled alcoholic lover (Piper Laurie), in this intense, back-alley poem by director Robert Rossen. Edited by Dede Allen.

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