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1972, Park Circus/MGM, 89 min, Dir: Robert Fuest

Vincent Price returns in the title role, arising from suspended animation three years after the events of the first film and still determined to resurrect his beloved wife. But the ancient Egyptian scrolls he needs to revive her have been stolen by a rival (Robert Quarry), whose team is targeted for elaborately staged death by the diabolical doctor. With Peter Cushing and Peter Jeffrey (in a wonderful comic turn as a pursuing police inspector).

1975, 86 min, USA, Dir: Robert Fuest

Mark Preston (William Shatner) possesses a powerful ancient book sought by Satanic cult leader Jonathan Corbis (Ernest Borgnine) and heads for a desert ghost town to try to beat the devil in a battle of faith. Director Robert Fuest (THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES) enlisted real-life Satanist Anton LaVey as technical adviser on this occult thriller, which also features Tom Skerritt, Eddie Albert and a young John Travolta.

1971, Park Circus/MGM, 94 min, USA, Dir: Robert Fuest

Director Robert Fuest, a veteran of TV series “The Avengers,” brings his flamboyant visual style and tongue-in-cheekiness to bear in this 1920s tale of the disfigured Dr. Anton Phibes (Vincent Price), a madman bent on vengeance after the accidental death of his wife. Trying to dodge various deadly biblical plagues along the way - Phibes’ preferred method for dispatching enemies - are Joseph Cotten, Terry-Thomas and Peter Jeffrey.

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