2011, 104 min, Spain, Dir: Pablo Berger

In a year when Snow White reappropriations are de rigeur, Pablo Berger's 1920s-set silent tale, offset by punchy Flamenco rhythms, is hands-down the most imaginative. Rejected at birth by her father, Carmencita (Macarena Garcia) is raised by her grandmother. But when granny dies, the poor dark-haired maiden is sent to the lower depths of her evil stepmother's villa. Maribel Verdu (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN) gives a knockout, ingeniously campy-smart performance as the villainess, hellbent on keeping Carmencita from Prince Charming - here a bullfighting dwarf! - and thwarting her dreams of becoming a matador. "While Michel Hazanavicius’ Oscar winner [THE ARTIST] was a playful valentine to pre-talkies Hollywood, Spanish writer-director Pablo Berger’s inventive Andalusian reworking of Snow White is a love letter to 1920s European silent film, liberally mixing humor and melodrama." - The Hollywood Reporter

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