2017, 108 min, Poland, Dir: Lukasz Palkowski

Previously known as THE FASTEST, this uplifting biopic about one man’s remarkable transformation tells the true story of Jerzy Gorski, former junkie turned athletic champion. After spending 13 years struggling with heroin addiction, Gorski underwent intense physical and mental rehabilitation to become Poland’s Double Ironman World Champion. Director Lukasz Palkowski spares none of the gritty details in this realistic yet inspiring account of Gorski’s journey. The film was a major blockbuster in its native Poland, as well as winning Best Production Design and Best Debut Actor (actress Kamila Kaminska) at the Polish Film Awards.

2014, 120 min, Poland, Dir: Lukasz Palkowski

In 1985, Zbigniew Religa became the first surgeon in Poland to successfully transplant a human heart, and this riveting biopic underlines the achievement, made in the face of skepticism and government bureaucracy. Tomasz Kot is sensational as the chain-smoking Religa, and GODS earned six Eagles at the Polish Film Awards including Best Film, Director, Screenplay and Actor. “You wouldn’t think a film about cardiology in Poland would be such a kick, but BOGOWIE … is a fast-paced, soapy pleasure, sort of like ‘ER’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ but with the 1980s setting adding a judicious dollop of iron-curtain period kitsch.” - Leslie Felperin, The Guardian. In Polish with English subtitles.

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