1989, 88 min, Dir: Luigi Cozzi

The devil isn’t fiddling around with this one! Director Luigi Cozzi (CONTAMINATION, HERCULES) opens the gates of hell with this blast of supernatural heavy-metal horror. When an all-girl rock group uses an infamous piece of sheet music written by Paganini for their new album, they unknowingly activate a portal to the underworld and find themselves trapped. Co-written by and starring Daria Nicolodi (DEEP RED) and featuring a guest appearance by Donald Pleasance.

1983, Park Circus/MGM, 101 min, USA/Italy, Dir: Luigi Cozzi

This way-out Italian-made take on Greek mythology stars Lou Ferrigno, aka TV’s “The Incredible Hulk,” as the strongest man on Earth. To save his beloved princess, Hercules must defeat a wizard (William Berger) bent on world conquest. Among the obstacles thrown in his path are bears and stop-motion animated robots. Sybil Danning costars in this Golan-Globus cult favorite.

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