2017, Uncork'd Entertainment, 97 min, Switzerland, Dir: Lisa Brühlmann

A shocking debut from first-time director Lisa Brühlmann, BLUE MY MIND makes bold departures from the tired coming-of-age drama. Mia (Luna Wedler) seems like an ordinary 15-year-old girl dealing with school, popularity contests and her own changing hormones. But nothing is ordinary about her secret: Her body is slowly adopting fish-like characteristics. As it becomes increasingly apparent that Mia is transforming into a carnivorous mermaid, she must learn to accept that she will never be the same. The film’s poetic metaphor is accompanied by startling body horror, making for an unforgettably visceral experience. “For a student film - director Lisa Brühlmann made BLUE MY MIND as her film-school thesis project - it's quite impressive.” – Katie Rife, AV Club.

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