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1977, 90 min, Japan, Dir: Kinji Fukasaku

Based on the manga by Buronson and Shinji Hiramatsu, DOBERMAN COP is a one-of-a-kind cop movie featuring Sonny Chiba as tough-as-nails Joji Kano from Okinawa, who is investigating a savage murder in Tokyo’s nightlife scene. Settling between Fukasaku’s masterful “Battles Without Honor and Humanity” series, this is the yakuza genre elevated to art form, as Joji takes on all kinds of bikers, drug pushers and lowlifes - none of whom suspect that this seemingly naive man will never relinquish his bear-trap grip. With Fukasaku regulars filling out the secondary cast and Chiba at a charismatic peak, it’s a pure shot of adrenaline to the heart, delivered with the force of a chest kick.

2000, Starz, 114 min, Japan, Dir: Kinji Fukasaku

Director Kinji Fukasaku is revered by a younger generation of Japanese outlaw filmmakers for his pyrotechnic gangster movies, which suggest a methedrine-fueled hybrid of Fuller/Scorsese/Woo with the social conscience of early Visconti. Here he serves up an ultra-controversial, action-packed examination of the institutionalizing of violence, starring screen icon "Beat" Takeshi, that presages THE HUNGER GAMES. Forty-two students are stranded on an island with a weapon and an ultimatum - Kill or be killed. In Japanese with English subtitles.

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