1961, Paramount, 95 min, Dir: Jerry Lewis

Writer-director Jerry Lewis stars as Herbert H. Heebert, who swears off women when he catches his girlfriend making out with another man. That’s easier said than done on his new job – handyman at an all-female boarding house (a multistory, open-faced set that allows for some amazing crane shots). A quintessential Lewis comedy, peppered with absurd sight gags.

1963, Paramount, 107 min, USA, Dir: Jerry Lewis

With one swig of his magic potion, Jerry Lewis is transformed from meek college professor into the God of Mutant Swingers - Buddy Love! A few critics saw Lewis’ performance as a sharp dig at old partner Dean Martin (The Hollywood Reporter winked, “There’s more than a dram of vinegar in this portrayal of the glib, flip, guzzling hipster.”) Be sure to check out Love’s den of unearthly delights, the Purple Pit, and grrrr-oove to the swanky sounds of Les Brown and His Band of Renown. With Stella Stevens.

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