2004, Screen Media Films, 96 min, USA, Dir: Jeff Lieberman

Theater student Jenna Whooly (Katheryn Winnick) returns to her Bell Island hometown for Halloween. Her younger brother Dougie (Alexander Brickel), obsessed by a video game entitled “Satan’s Little Helper,” is none too happy about the presence of Jenna’s boyfriend. Taking to the streets, Dougie comes across a serial killer dressed as Satan and gets to live out the video game in terrifying reality as he assists the killer with his deadly deeds.

1981, Picturmedia, 90 min, USA, Dir: Jeff Lieberman

The director of SQUIRM brings us this entry in the Woodsploitation subgenre made famous by DELIVERANCE, SOUTHERN COMFORT, and HUNTER'S BLOOD. This time, a group of young campers find themselves face to face with a murderous mountain man and angry hillbillies.

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