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1952, Janus Films, 96 min, France, Dir: Jacques Becker

Do not miss this sublime masterpiece of romantic French cinema - simultaneously a heartbreaking adult fairy tale and an impressionist rendering of the turn-of-the-century Parisian underworld. The fleeting moments of shared love and erotic passion between Serge Reggiani and Simone Signoret are genuine poetry - moments cut short by the jealous machinations of others.

1954, Rialto Pictures, 88 min, France, Dir: Jacques Becker

Aging gangster Jean Gabin is sitting on a fortune in gold from a perfect heist - but sleazeball Lino Ventura decides he wants in on the action, with the help of double-crossing chorus girl Jeanne Moreau. This exquisite noir was passed over by the Cannes Film Festival because "it gave the wrong idea of French cinema" - it went on to become a huge hit and inspired a wave of crack crime films like BOB LE FLAMBEUR and RIFIFI. In French with English subtitles.

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