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1984, Sony Repertory, 105 min, USA, Dir: Ivan Reitman

Parapsychologists Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd start Ghostbusters, a company that traps ghosts, spirits and other supernatural specters for money. Business starts to pick up when Sigourney Weaver notices strange phenomena in her apartment’s kitchen, such as eggs frying themselves. When the situation escalates, the Ghostbusters are called upon to save the Big Apple.

1981, Sony Repertory, 106 min, USA, Dir: Ivan Reitman

Bill Murray stars as John, who, after reaching a dead end with his job, convinces his friend Russell (Harold Ramis) to enlist with him in the army. Struggling through boot camp, John becomes the unofficial leader of his platoon, and after graduation he, Russell and Sergeant Hulka (Warren Oates) must go behind the Iron Curtain to make a daring - and explosive! - rescue attempt.

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