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1950, Universal, 79 min, USA, Dir: Hugo Fregonese

Even though he had just begun his American film career, James Mason already had his doomed-fugitive persona down pat in ODD MAN OUT and THE RECKLESS MOMENT. Here he’s a disillusioned doctor who feels responsible for his wife’s death and believes he’s only worthy of patching up wounded criminals. Deciding to take a gamble, he tricks Los Angeles gang boss Dan Duryea out of his latest haul, as well as absconding with Duryea’s more than willing moll, Marta Toren. The pair head for Mexico with the swag – but can they outrun Duryea’s seemingly limitless reach?

1949, Film Noir Foundation, 88 min, Argentina, Dir: Hugo Fregonese

The best Argentine noir of the 1940s is an audacious blending of NAKED CITY and BRUTE FORCE, telling the tale of a clever bank clerk (Jorge Salcedo) who embezzles money and tries to get caught, since a loophole in the Argentine justice system will free him after six years in stir - when he intends to reclaim his stashed loot. Part caper, part prison picture, it earned Argentinean Hugo Fregonese a career in Hollywood. Noir chiaroscuro mixed with semi-documentary “neo-realism” presents an evocative vision of mid-century Buenos Aires, the Paris of the southern hemisphere.

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