1969, 136 min, Italy, Dir: Giulio Petroni

Brit doctor John Steiner saves revolutionary hero Tomas Milian from Colonel Orson Welles’ post-revolutionary firing squad - so he can kill Milian for himself! The betrayals mount up en route to two climactic shocks. Co-written by Franco Solinas (BATTLE OF ALGIERS). Quentin Tarantino lists this film as one of his 20 favorite spaghetti Westerns. In Italian with English subtitles. Not available on Region 1 DVD.

1967, MGM/Park Circus, 114 min, Italy, Dir: Giulio Petroni

Spaghetti Western stalwart Lee Van Cleef stars as an ex-convict chasing a group of thugs for money; John Philip Law is after the same gang for revenge. A one-of-a-kind blend of Western, horror and film noir with a clever flashback structure, and one of the most hallucinatory and haunting of all Italian oaters. In English.

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