1993, Park Circus/MGM, 122 min, USA, Dir: George A. Romero

Stephen King used a pseudonym to pen some of his bleakest work, a situation that inspired this tale of two authors. When Maine writer Thad Beaumont (Timothy Hutton) decides he’s through using the name “George Stark” to churn out thrillers, he tries to bury his alter ego, but Stark (also played by Hutton) responds with a murderous rampage. Costarring Amy Madigan, Michael Rooker and Julie Harris.

1977, Lionsgate, 95 min, Dir: George A. Romero

This tale of a young man who may or may not be a 100-year-old vampire, seeking redemption for his bloodlust, is both sympathetic and horrific thanks to John Amplas’ performance as the title character. Is he really a vampire or a mentally disturbed killer?

1973, Arrow Video, 103 min, Dir: George A. Romero

A virus bio-engineered for combat infects residents of a small Pennsylvania town, turning them into psychopaths. When the military establishes a quarantine to stop the virus from spreading further, a group of uninfected people tries to escape the blockade, coming up against both neighbors-turned-lunatics and an army ordered to kill anyone who comes their way.

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