1929, Park Circus/UA, 89 min, USA, Dir: F. Richard Jones

Crackling good mystery/romance with Ronald Colman firing on all cylinders as the ex-WWI officer Captain Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond, who makes it his business to seek out trouble. He finds it, in the form of a sadistic trio of thieves out to steal the fortune from lovely Joan Bennett’s uncle. Fans of James Whale’s THE OLD DARK HOUSE should check this out for a similar, almost unclassifiable mixture of Gothic weirdness and black humor.

1927, Kino International, 115 min, USA, Dir: F. Richard Jones

THE GAUCHO is unique among Douglas Fairbanks' swashbucklers in both look and tone, taking place in a magnificent white city, high in the Andes, purpose-built for Fairbanks' amazing stunts. Playing an amoral Bandit King, he dances an erotic tango with the Mountain Girl - the first appearance of future screen sensation Lupe Velez.

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