2019, 90 min, Dir: David Marmor

David Marmor’s feature debut is a taut and exhilarating thriller dealing in paranoia, community and cults. Nicole Brydon Bloom stars as Sarah, a waifish young woman who has moved to L.A. to escape an overbearing father and pursue her costume design dreams. She stumbles upon an open house at an apartment complex and, to her surprise, is offered a seemingly perfect unit. But shortly after moving in, she is plagued by debilitating sleep deprivation from noisy pipes that no one else can hear and the question arises whether she chose the place or vice versa. This gruesome gem is chock-full of brutal psychological and physical torture that will push you to your very limit and is an incredible examination of what some people will do to belong to a community, no matter how twisted and sinister the initiation. Bloom delivers a staggering performance as a woman in her descent to hell and Ronen Landa’s score goes a long way to imbue the action with full-throttle creepiness.

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