2011, Seville Pictures, 132 min, Canada, Dir: Daniel Roby

Based on the life of TV celebrity and disco-scene fixture Bastien Lavallee, Quebecois director Daniel Roby’s slick telling of the proverbial fast lane in 1970s Montreal is a must-see for lovers of BOOGIE NIGHTS or SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Bastien (Quebec star Patrick Huard) lives a life too quick, risky and drug-fueled for his own good, and with the changing cultural landscape of Montreal through the Parti Quebecois coming to power, he finds the sparkling disco lights fading and his world spiraling dangerously out of control. Incredibly successful upon its January release in Quebec, FUNKYTOWN was the province’s top box-office title for the first half of 2011! In French with English subtitles.

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