2019, 95 min, Dir: Alexandre O. Philippe

This phenomenal new documentary from the director of 78/52 not only explores the genesis of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN but also takes a deeper, more complex dive into the process of creation itself. From Egyptian and Greek mythology to underground comics to art history and Dan O’Bannon, Philippe establishes a new and unique way of exploring the conception of ideas. Filmed in his characteristically adroit and meticulous style and brimming with fascinating interviews from film luminaries such as Roger Corman and Diane Bannon, MEMORY: THE ORIGINS Of ALIEN forever changes the concept of what a film documentary can be.

2017, IFC Midnight, 91 min, Dir: Alexandre O. Philippe

The shower scene in PSYCHO is accepted as one of director Alfred Hitchcock’s most masterful achievements, both technically and in terms of storytelling. This new documentary puts the scene under a microscope, covering its every angle with expert interviews and technical analysis. Through personal stories from filmmakers, actors and fans ranging from Elijah Wood to Peter Bogdanovich, this meditation and celebration of Hitchcock and his legendary shocker paints a picture of a late-’50s film world on the brink of change and shows how PSYCHO delivered that change.

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